Krauthammer on Grand Jury: ‘At Some Point, We Could Come to a Crisis’


On Thursday night, the Special Report panel weighed in on the breaking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury for his ongoing Russia investigation.

Laura Ingraham said that “this is not good” for the [Donald] Trump legal team and how they have to be “deadly serious” with how they handle the investigation from here on out.

“Is it routine? I guess,” she told Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. “But this is an investigation by all indication is going to be sprawling and it’s going to reach into aspects of the Trump business empire, his family business interests way beyond what people initially thought would be covered by this.”

Charles Krauthammer believed that the news “isn’t just a threat to Trump and his entourage” but to “constitutional stability” as well.

“The president said that he has got a red line,” Krauthammer continued. “If they want to go on a fishing expedition that is unrelated essentially to the Russia probe, that’s where he draws the line… When you get members of his own party in the Senate trying to pass laws- probably unconstitutional- to restrict his ability to fire Mueller, you know we are possibly heading to a cliff.”

He was referring to the bipartisan proposal that would limit the president’s power to terminate the special counsel.

He pointed out that the special counsel is “in search for a crime” rather than just “proving the crime” and reiterated Ingraham’s point that it “what you start with isn’t always what you end up with” by invoking Former President Bill Clinton.

“With a special prosecutor, you start out with Whitewater, you end up with a blue dress. That is a long journey,” he stated.

Krauthammer then gave a grim forecast as to what may happen next.

“At some point, we could come to a crisis,” he warned. “And I worry for the country because this is not good that the presidency, the judiciary, and the Congress would be at lagger’s heads when you really don’t have any body that would ultimately adjudicate.”

He added that if the Supreme Court got involved, it could “cause real reverberations for decades.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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