Krauthammer: ‘Pure Rubbish’ to Say Trump’s Tapes Tweet Was Witness Intimidation

There has been some debate today over whether President Trump‘s initial message to James Comey about “tapes” was witness intimidation. On Fox News tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that was “pure rubbish.”

After Trump tweeted yesterday he has no knowledge of tapes, there was some discussion––including from a former Obama White House ethics czar––that this could have potentially been witness intimidation.

“The idea that this is intimidation of a witness is pure rubbish,” Krauthammer said on Special Report tonight. “If you say to somebody, ‘You’ve got a great family, hate to see anything happen to your kids, watch what you say, ‘that’s intimidation of a witness.’ If you say there may be a way to actually to figure out exactly what was said, there could be a mechanism, thus you ought to watch what you say, that’s not intimidation at all.”

He said this shows how “desperate” the left is getting, adding, “It’s getting more and more absurd. It’s tail-chasing and if the Democrats want to spend the next year, year and a half, in a rabbit hole, be our guest.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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