Krystal Ball Floats Suing Rush Limbaugh Over False Nude Pictures Claim: ‘The Thought Has Occurred to Me’


Hill TV host Krystal Ball said she hasn’t ruled out a lawsuit against Rush Limbaugh for his false claim that she posed for naked photos when she was a teenager.

Ball unleashed on Limbaugh’s “slut-shaming smear” last week when the conservative radio host made his factually inaccurate, sexist jab at Ball on his show. While he eventually admitted his remarks were false, Limbaugh has not apologized and continued to refer to Ball as “a hostette, an infobabe on PMSNBC.”

Ball joined CNN’s Brian Stelter to talk about Limbaugh’s weak walk-back, and she began by explaining why she decided to respond to the conservative radio host instead of ignoring his comments. Ball said it was about setting the record straight for her, and that “I didn’t want this particular incident to go unchallenged.”

“Slut-shaming is a very common tactic that is employed against women to sort of shut down their voices, to make them irrelevant, to say that they can’t be leaders,” Ball continued. “I wanted other women to know that you can speak out and you can fight back and people like this can be held, at least somewhat, to account.

As Stelter remarked that Limbaugh is unlikely to be punished for his false claims, he asked Ball if she has considered suing. Her response: “The thought has occurred to me.”

“Based on the legal advice that I have received – even for someone like myself who is a public figure where there’s an added level of scrutiny – you have to prove actual malice, which just means that they either knew it was a lie or there was a reckless disregard for the truth, I think he quite clearly meets that level, right? He didn’t care. None of this was remotely true and he didn’t care.”

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