Krystal Ball Issues Fiery Response to Rush Limbaugh’s False Accusation She Posed Nude When She Was 14


The Hill TV host Krystal Ball went off on conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for making a number of false accusations about her, including claiming she posed nude as a teenager.

Ball, a former MSNBC host and current anchor of Rising with the Hill’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, recounted Limbaugh’s comments on a show segment and in an accompanying thread.

“I didn’t want him to think he could just slime anyone with impunity. Most importantly though, if I did “pose nude” at 14, so fucking what?” she said.

Ball noted it appears that Limbaugh was referring to a 2010 leak of private party photos of Ball, but she was not nude in the photos and the images were from after she graduated college. “I think he felt the need to make this much more salacious in order to titillate his audience,” Ball said.

Ball also noted that Limbaugh claimed she won her election, which she did not. The leak came during her campaign for Congress in Virginia.

Limbaugh also accused her of posting the photos on “Facebook or MySpace or you know, MyButt.” Ball noted that Facebook did not exist when she was a teenager.

Enjeti recommended that she should pursue legal action against Limbaugh. “You should be fully within your rights to go after him,” he said.

Watch above, via The Hill.

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