Kurtz: My 9-Year-Old Would Have Been Tougher on Gruber Than Ronan Farrow Was

Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare under fire for his comments about the “stupidity” of American voters, made a scant few media appearances this week to explain those comments. One of them was with MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow, and as far as Fox News’ Howard Kurtz is concerned, it was an embarrassing interview for Farrow, full of softballs and nothing remotely challenging.

Kurtz was talking with Bill O’Reilly about how the mainstream media is all but completely ignoring Gruber’s comments. Kurtz asked, “On what planet is this not news?”

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Kurtz brought up Gruber’s interview with Farrow, and from there he didn’t hold back, saying the MSNBC host has “zero journalistic experience,” while O’Reilly said that Gruber would obviously speak to “some kid who’s 14 years old” instead of someone like him.

Kurtz then said, “My nine-year-old daughter could have conducted a better interview with Jonathan Gruber.” He slammed the MSNBC host for not bothering to confront Gruber or press him on anything he said.

During the segment, O’Reilly also confronted Kurtz about, when he was at the Washington Post, calling out O’Reilly more than he would liberal media bias. Kurtz, obviously, disputed O’Reilly’s charges.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

And you can watch the video of Gruber on with Farrow here, via MSNBC:

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