Laura Ingraham Baselessly Contradicts FBI Director Wray’s Testimony that Capitol Riots Were Planned


Laura Ingraham baselessly contradicted FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Tuesday testimony, during a curious segment ignoring evidence that the Capitol attack was planned

Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and focused not just on the deadly attacks on the Capitol by Trump supporters on Jan. 6, but more broadly about the role of right-wing extremism and the threat of domestic terrorism. Director Wray simply labeled the deadly siege on the Capitol that led to six deaths as “domestic terrorism.

The FBI Director told assembled Senators that there was no evidence that any of the insurrectionists were “Fake Trump Supporters” or members of Antifa or BLM (a conspiracy theory espoused in some of the more unhinged regions of political discourse) and that while a large number of the protesters were peaceful, if “rowdy,” there was a group that had planned the attack on the Capitol.

Ingraham and guest Mollie Hemingway had a completely different takeaway from that of the FBI Director; the segment opened with a highly edited portion of his testimony. They focused on the comments that many of those at the Capitol were protestors caught up in the moment and not part of the siege, which anyone who has paid attention to the events of that day, can clearly tell.

“The largest group is peaceful, maybe rowdy, protesters,” Wray said. “The smallest group is those who breach the Capitol grounds and of those, some of those people clearly came to Washington with plans to engage in the worst violence.” In other words, the attack was planned by those who lay siege.

The FBI Director noted that there was a group of people that planned to engage in the worst violence, which explains reports of between 200 and 300 having been arrested for their participation. But that comment was apparently lost on the Fox News host.

She appeared to forgive many involved for getting “kind of swept up in” the Capitol attack, saying “people were just walking around and they walked around and the next thing you know, there was some crazy stuff happening.”

But despite Director Wray’s testimony that a portion of the insurrections was a planned and coordinated attack on the US government? Ingraham didn’t buy it.

“The idea that for fur boy with the red, white, and blue and some of the other nuts in there were some sort of coordinated — it’s just a bunch of idiots, and some of them criminals … to the naked eye, it didn’t look coordinated,” Ingraham dismissed.

Hemmingway followed by noting that “what happened that day was very bad.”

Footage of that historic day in which the US Capitol building was desecrated by Trump supporters eager to interrupt the Electoral College certification process reveals Trump supporters looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, chanting “Hang Mike Pence and fighting hand to hand combat with Capitol Police members for hours. 

Watch above via Fox News.

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