Laura Ingraham Knocks Republicans ‘Undermining’ Trump on National Emergency, Calls Out Mitch McConnell


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham tonight called out Republicans who are “undermining” President Donald Trump on the national emergency declaration.

Ingraham made it clear earlier today she’s not happy with Republican leadership:

“At a time when Republicans should be bolstering the president’s agenda on key issues, especially, I see on one at least they’re undermining him. And leadership can’t seem to hold it together,” she said.

She showed video of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saying he’d hoped Trump wouldn’t go down this route before saying he shares some of the blame for why Trump did it:

“With all due respect, it is partly Mitch McConnell’s fault that the president had to declare a national emergency at all. He and Paul Ryan promised the president when he signed that ridiculous omnibus spending bill last year that they would get him the funding he needed for the wall. Before last year ended, no matter what happened in the election. But what happened? We predicted on the show, they didn’t do it.”

“The president must continue to stand firm on this issue and forge ahead, against the Chamber of Commerce Republicans who want an endless flow of cheap labor,” she continued, “and the open borders Democrats who think they have an endless supply of new voters.”

Ingraham spoke with Congressman Jim Jordan, who also knocked Republicans opposing the president on this.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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