Lawrence O’Donnell Reports Russian Oligarchs Co-Signed Trump’s Deutsche Bank Loan (UPDATED)


MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell reported news Tuesday night that, if it proves to be true, could have a significant impact on current presidency of Donald Trump and Congressional investigations into Trump’s finances and his possibly compromised relationship with Russia.

O’Donnell reported that, according to a single source, Russian oligarchs co-signed a loan provided to Trump by the Deutsche Bank. O’Donnell first revealed this news during Tuesday night’s handoff from Rachel Maddow to his show, in which he shared this potential bombshell.

O’Donnell said to his MSNBC cohort “this single source close to Deutsche Bank has told me that the Trump — Donald Trump’s loan documents there show that he has co-signers. That’s how he was able to obtain those loans. And that the co-signers are Russian oligarchs.”

A shocked Maddow replied, “What? Really?”

He then followed with “That would explain, it seems to me, every kind word Donald Trump has ever said about Russia and Vladimir Putin, if true, and I stress the if true part of this.”

UPDATE – 12:31 pm ET: NBC News has not verified the reporting.

UPDATE — 4:07 pm ET: O’Donnell has now admitted to an “error in judgment” in reporting on it in the first place.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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