Lev Parnas Claims Fox News Contributor John Solomon Was Liaison Between Him and Indicted Ukrainian Oligarch


Lev Parnas bombshell interview with Rachel Maddow threw off a number of stunning headlines, so much so that portions of the interview may have been initially overlooked. Take for example the rather stunning allegation that Fox News contributor, and former The Hill executive, John Solomon served as a primary liaison between himself and indicted Ukranian oligarch Dimitry Firtash.

Solomon has played a critical role in the defensive narrative put forth by pro-Trump media surrogates that have effected a “best defense is a good offense” strategy to support the embattled presidency of President Donald Trump.

“I was given certain documents by Solomon to validate to Firtash that I was in the loop” Parnas revealed to Maddow.

He further explained that at meeting with Rudy Giuliani and fellow Fox News contributors Victoria Toensing and Joe de Genova, Solomonbrought up saying he had some incredible information from the Firtash camp, which later we found out, it was I think Lanny Davis gave it to him, but that it basically would show that Andrew Weissman was doing some illegal stuff and offering some deal and that could blow up this investigation up the kazoo.”

Maddow interjected for clarity, asking her subjet that “the allegation as you understood it was that Andrew Weissman, one of the prosecutors working on the Mueller team, had made — had had an interaction with Dimitry Firtash, who was under indictment and fighting extradition her, and that interaction was Solomon was saying that would be scandalous work discredit the Mueller investigation?”

“Correct. We were tasked basically with trying to establish a relationship,” Firtash replied. Maddow interjected, “specifically to try to get information to discredit the Mueller investigation.”

“Absolutely,” Parnas said, adding “and basically I was given certain documents by John Solomon that would validate to Dmitry Firtash that I was in the loop and that I knew what was going on because Mr. Firtash is a gentleman that just doesn’t see anybody.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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