Libyan Rebel Explains How He Took Golden Hat And Scepter From Gaddafi’s Bedroom


While the East Coast continues to moderately panic over a rare earthquake in this part of the world, the chaotic celebrations at the Gaddafi compound in Libya continue, and journalists within it are finding the rebels now have incredible stories to tell. Take, for instance, this compelling interview from Sky News, where a Libyan rebel donning a preposterous general’s hat, a huge gold chain and solid gold scepter explains how he ended up in Muammar Gaddafi‘s bedroom and found himself wearing the dictator’s notoriously extravagant accessories.

Sky News’ embedded reporter found the group of jubilant rebels and managed to talk to the sharpest-dressed one: wearing the dictator’s hat and jewelry. He explained that acquiring the souvenirs “wasn’t really pretty hard– I just went inside [Gaddafi’s] bedroom, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in Gaddafi’s room, oh my God.'” He then took the items while he was there, and concluded by telling the reporter that he was “happy for Libyans, for these people who have suffered a lot, and I thank all the countries that have stood with us that have given us help and support.”

The interview then turned tear-jerkingly emotional as the rebel explained that he had lost many friends in the field: “I have a feeling that they should be with me in this moment,” he explained, “but God loved them more than me, maybe, because they are next to God.” He expressed a desire to see justice now, but no more bloodshed, hoping for “a new beginning, a new life, a new future, a new Libya.”

Watch the video via Sky News below:


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