Chris Matthews Makes Republican Congresswoman Crap Out on Libya and Iraq

Donald Trump Bashes Libya Intervention… Which He Strongly Advocated For in 2011

Jim Webb: Why Is No One Going After Hillary for ‘Inept Leadership’ on Libya?

Rand Paul: ‘Very Good Chance’ Hillary Lied During Benghazi Hearing

U.S. Evacuates Libyan Embassy over Concerns of ‘Freewheeling’ Violence

Dem Congresswoman: Iraq ‘Perhaps the Most Catastrophic War of the 20th Century’

‘Come On, Ed’: Carney Scolds Fox’s Ed Henry for ‘Coloring Outside the Lines’ on Benghazi

Anthony Bourdain Keeps a Piece of Gadaffi’s House in A Ziploc Bag

Lebanon-Sequitur: Rick Perry Mixes Up Lebanon And Libya

WATCH: The Most Intense Moments (And One Sweet One) In Anthony Bourdain’s Trip To Libya

WATCH: Why Is Anthony Bourdain At A Fake KFC In Libya?

Stewart Grills Susan Rice On Obama Administration’s ‘Confusing’ Mishandling Of Benghazi

Anthony Bourdain Chronicles His Game-Changing Trip To Libya

Hillary Clinton Talks Benghazi With Greta Van Susteren In All-Encompassing Foreign Policy Interview

Kerry’s Confirmation Hearing Was Mostly Smooth, Except For This Rand Paul Grilling…

Palin Slams Obama Over Libya, And TIME For Naming Him Person Of The Year

Last Call: Cinnabons In Libya Is The Closest Thing We Have To Peace In The Middle East

Review Of Benghazi Attack Blames State Dept’s ‘Systemic Failures,’ ‘Grossly Inadequate’ Security

Brian Williams Asks Susan Rice If She Is ‘Blameless’ In Controversy Over Libya Attacks

Jon Stewart Mocks John McCain & Lindsay Graham For Hypocritical Outrage Over Susan Rice

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