Lindsey Graham Pushes Back on Trump’s ‘TREASON?’ Tweet: No, It’s Not Treason


Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on CNN tonight to speak to Wolf Blitzer about, among other things, the anonymous White House official who ran an op-ed in The New York Times to defend the internal White House “resistance” to President Donald Trump‘s worst impulses.

As the interview was underway, Trump tweeted out “TREASON?” after his earlier comments blasting the anonymous official and the Times:

Blitzer told Graham Trump is “obviously furious” about not just this official, but Bob Woodward. Graham first talked about his conversation with Trump relaying that Woodward wanted to talk to him before saying “an anonymous editorial would piss me off.”

Blitzer circles back to the “treason” quote and asked, “Is it appropriate for the President to be suggesting treason––which is a crime, potentially the death penalty––for the President of the United States to raise the issue of treason referring either to the author of this article, who works for him… or for other sources who cooperated with Bob Woodward for this book?”

Graham gently said it’s not treason:

“This is not treason under the Constitution. This is not a treasonous act against the nation. It’s a disloyal and cowardly act against the President, so I wouldn’t say treason, but if I were him, I would be really upset that somebody wrote this.”

He argued that voters just don’t care about any of this and “this will matter nothing in 2020.”

You can watch the video above, via CNN.

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