Lou Dobbs and Guests Go Off on Vindman: ‘He Looks Delusional,’ Should Be Removed from White House


Lou Dobbs and several of his guests tonight tore into Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman over his testimony today in the impeachment inquiry voicing his concerns about President Donald Trump‘s Ukraine call.

Dobbs brought up Vindman in his discussion with Ed Rollins, mocking him for implying he had “superior opinion and judgment” on national security compared to the president.

He read sections of Vindman opening statement, calling it “arrogant” and “chilling” and saying, “What you are seeing and hearing there is a reference to the deep state, to the permanent bureaucracy, and a lieutenant colonel who obviously believes he has superior judgment to the President of the United States!”

Rollins dismissed him as a “clerk” and said he should kicked “out of the White House.”

In the next segment, Dobbs again brought up Vindman, and Hans von Spakovsky said that disagreeing with Trump’s foreign policy is “not his place to do is an army office.”

Dobbs swiped at the Democrats “that [don’t] care what they do to this poor lieutenant colonel,” before saying Vindman “looks delusional” to be talking about his concerns in this way.

Sara Carter said his statement shows people are “actively spying and listening to President Trump.”

“Prior to 2016, Lou, the Democrats, as well as those former senior Obama officials that have been targeting President Trump are continuing to target him and they are look for anything and everything. It’s as if President Trump has a police officer following him illegally… everywhere he goes just trying to find him doing anything, anything at all that they can try to pin on him,” Carter added. “I think that he should actually be removed if he has not been removed already, and that the president should clean out the NSC and clear out the White House of people that he suspects are working for the people that had formerly been in office.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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