Lou Dobbs Goes Off: Nancy Pelosi Is the Winner Today, Trump ‘Got Rolled on This’


Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs is an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, but tonight he went off after POTUS caved on his border wall demand in the government shutdown fight.

Dobbs spoke tonight with former acting ICE director Thomas Homan and former adviser Sebastian Gorka, and as they were blasting Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Dobbs bluntly said, “She has just whipped the President of the United States.”

“You know I’m an animated, energetic supporter of this president,” he elaborated. “But you’ve got to call it as it is. This president said it was going to be conditional border security, building that wall, and he just reversed himself. That’s a victory for Nancy Pelosi. It will be perceived as such on every television monitor and screen in the country. And to deny it is to try to escape from reality. And that we ain’t going to do here.”

Gorka admitted it “may be perceived as such,” but defended Trump’s move and noted the continuing resolution only funds the government up until February 15th.

Dobbs, no fan of Pelosi, called her the “winner” tonight because “the President of the United States made a condition precedent that that border funding would be there, he withdraw that condition precedent, the government is opening, and he is turning over this issue to the conference committee?”

Both Gorka and Homan pushed back, but Dobbs said that despite his ardent support for POTUS, “he got rolled on this.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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