Maria Bartiromo Airs Same Fact-Check of Election Conspiracies as Fox Colleagues, Adds ‘We Will Keep Investigating’


Maria Bartiromo has now aired the same fact-check that Lou Dobbs’ and Jeanine Pirro’s shows had to air in the last few days.

To briefly recap: all three shows featured comments from either hosts or guests that pushed insane conspiracy theories about voting machines.

Bartiromo in particular engaged in wild speculation in interviews with Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell on her program Sunday Morning Futures, including Powell’s absolutely insane claim the CIA is involved.

Last week Smartmatic — one of the voting system companies being targeted by these conspiracy theories — sent a letter to Fox News demanding a retraction, with a whole list of comments from all three of those aforementioned shows.

The letter threatened legal action, and on Friday Dobbs got the ball rolling with a stunning fact-check of his own claims. Pirro’s show followed suit Saturday night, at the end of the program, with guest host Lisa Boothe.

Bartiromo aired the fact-check Sunday morning at the end of her show, prefacing it by saying, “In our weeks-long look into election integrity, we have heard concerns about both voting machines and voting software.”

She ran the same package Dobbs’ and Pirro’s shows did featuring Eddie Perez, the global director of tech development at the Open Sources Election Technology Institute, who did a thorough fact-check of the claims by Giuliani, Powell, Bartiromo, etc.

But right after it ended, Bartiromo added, “So that is where we stand right now. We will keep investigating.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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