Mark Levin: ‘Why Do The Press Hate The American People?’


Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin had some strong words for the media during his appearance on Hannity.

Levin began by saying that “a lot has been said” about President Donald Trump‘s hostile rhetoric towards the press, specifically when he calls them the “enemy of the people,” telling Sean Hannity that he has a “different take.”

“Why do the press hate the American people?” Levin asked. “65 million people, give or take, voted for Donald Trump for president of the United States… various press outlets, reporters, hosts or their guests called millions and millions of Americans ‘Nazis,’ ‘racists,’ ‘deranged,’ ‘cultists,’ ‘deplorable,’ and even worse. How do the press in this country justify calling tens of millions of people such outrageous names?”

He went to say that conservatives have watched the press “destroy” people like Sarah Palin, Robert Bork, Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas and former President Ronald Reagan and now they’re attempting to do the same with Trump.

“The D.C. press corp today is the least professional press corp in my lifetime,” Levin continued. “They think their job is to make it impossible for the president to function, to sabotage him and to advance the cause of the rogue prosecutor by the name of Mueller.

Levin insisted that the press needs to “take a look at itself”  but won’t “as long as they keep putting up clowns” like CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, calling him a “drama queen of sorts” who likes to talk about himself.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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