Matt Schlapp Tells Newsmax Republicans Could ‘Crown’ Trump as Speaker If They Win Back Majority in the House


American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp told Newsmax’s John Bachman if the Republicans win back the House Majority in 2022, they could “crown” former President Donald Trump as Speaker.

Schlapp mentioned how Trump had been having rallies with his supporters, traveling to a variety of congressional districts to support candidates he had endorsed.

“There’s a lot of buzz out there,” said Schlapp, “that Donald Trump would even be potentially someone they’d crown as Speaker of the House if the Republicans get the majority back. I’m not saying that’s a live wire, but it’s an interesting conversation about Trump inserting himself in the fight for the Republicans to get back the majority.”

Schlapp was optimistic about the GOP’s chances in 2022, saying he thought there was a “high probability” they would take back the House, and that Trump’s involvement would be a “big boost” for them.

“These rallies are going to have a tremendous injection of positive energy into our politics,” he said.

Practically speaking, Schlapp is correct. The Constitution does not require the Speaker of the House to actually be “of the House.” There is no language that mandates that the Speaker be a current, or even former, member of the House of Representatives.

Presumably, the language in Article I, Section 2, clause 2 that requires Representatives to be at least 25 years old and a U.S. citizen for at least seven years, would still apply to a Speaker, but that’s never been tested — a moot point since Trump is literally three times the minimum age required.

If such an unusual situation occurred, Trump would find himself a bit closer to the White House; the Speaker is second in the presidential line of succession, right after the vice president.

Schlapp’s suggestion drew sharp reactions on Twitter, from several who viewed the idea as an excellent campaign rallying cry for Democrats, to others who warned to take it seriously, since Trump wasn’t necessarily expected to win the presidency in 2016, until he did. A number of others tagged House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA), who has his own ambitions to be Speaker if the Republicans retook the majority.

Watch the video above, via Newsmax.

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