Fox & Friends Baits Kayleigh McEnany to Mock Jen Psaki’s ‘I’ll Circle Back’ Meme


Former White House Press Secretary, and recently named Fox News Contributor, Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning and showed an impressive level of discipline in refraining to criticize her successor, current Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

At issue is the recent Internet meme, particularly in right-of-center circles of the World Wide Web™, that focuses on Psaki’s oft-used phrase of “circling back” to reporters for questions she is not ready to reply to in real-time.

The “I’ll get back to you on that” tactic is a time-honored tradition among all Press Secretaries, even those who served under former President Donald Trump. But just like her predecessors work somewhat ridiculed for avoiding tough questions from critics on the left, Psaki has received the same unfair treatment on the right.

Fox & Friends
played a supercut of Psaki promising to get back to reporters mid-briefing, after which Brian Kilmeade said to his guest “You can’t anticipate every question but it is like you are a crossing guard!”

It’s fair to say that McEnany took a higher road than some might have expected, choosing not to directly criticize her successor but instead using the montage to self-aggrandize.

“I wish Jen Psaki all the best, and it is a very hard job, but that being said, we took great pains in our administration for hours and hours of research or days,” she replied.

“I always knew where my boss stood. Unlike other press secretaries that maybe didn’t have walk-in privileges to the Oval,  I could walk in at any time. I always knew where he stood before every press conference,” she explained. “I didn’t have to do it in of circling back because Donald Trump gave a lot of access to me.”

Jen Psaki is considered by many insiders to have equal access to President Joe Biden as has long been part of his core group of advisors.

Steve Doocy followed McEnany’s comments by somewhat defending Psaki’s approach. “I have heard from people in the press room that they actually do eventually get back to the reporter and try to answer the question, either Jen Psaki or somebody from the communications team, just not oni camera” he offered, perhaps in reference to his son Peter Doocy, who is Fox News White House correspondent.

Watch above via Fox News.


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