McMaster Slams Trump Admin on Afghanistan, Negotiations With Taliban: Policy ‘Has Been Absolutely Wrong’


In recent media appearances, former national security adviser H.R. McMaster has been less critical of the Trump administration than many other former officials.

But in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Monday, McMaster made it clear there’s one area of foreign policy in particular he believes the Trump White House has been “absolutely wrong” on.

Amanpour asked McMaster about the administration’s negotiations with the Taliban and whether he believes “to fulfill a promise to pull all American forces from overseas that cozying up to the Taliban is a national security sensible thing for the United States to do right now.”

“I think that the Trump administration policy has been absolutely wrong since the negotiations began with the Taliban,” McMaster said.

“What I think is paradoxical about this, regrettable about it, is the Trump administration has replicated almost precisely the fundamental flaws in the Obama administration approach to Afghanistan… and that is this flawed assumption, this belief, that there’s this bold line between the Taliban and al-Qaeda. And I write about this in Battlegrounds, this tendency towards strategic narcissism — defining the world as we would like it to be and then assuming what we do is decisive to the outcome, and in this case, creating the enemy we would prefer,” he continued.

He added it’s “a disaster in terms of this policy approach” and said, “What I worry about is what does power-sharing with the Taliban look like? Is that mass executions in the soccer stadium every other Saturday? Is that every other girls’ school bulldozed? So I’m very concerned that this negotiation process made too many concessions.”

You can watch above, via CNNI.

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