Meghan McCain on Trump’s Demand For Apology: Kelly Sadler Never Publicly Apologized to My Dad

On The View on Thursday, the hosts discussed Donald Trump‘s recent demand for an apology from Disney CEO Bob Iger after ABC cancelled Roseanne.

Trump suggested it was hypocritical to fire Roseanne for her racist tweet but not apologize for reporter Brian Ross for an erroneous tweet about Michael Flynn — which, at the time, sparked a media bonanza.

Meghan McCain pointed out that, if Trump is keen on “tit for tat” apologies, she and her family never got an apology for Trump official Kelly Sadler for “joking” that her father — Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) — was irrelevant because he “is dying anyway.”

“I don’t like talking about my dad all the time, but he keeps being brought up,” McCain said. “In a rally last weekend, there were boos. It was elicited by president Trump at the rally, and I was promised an apology by Kelly Sadler to my family, and I didn’t get that.”

Joy Behar also speculated that Sadler had not been “allowed” to apologize.

Meghan’s overarching point, included in total above, was that a lot of this apology-demanding is just playing politics.

Been in politics a long time, and it’s a way to gaslight the American public to not focus on the real issues that we should be focusing on. We should all try to be the example they are not giving us, and don’t get gaslit into taking your eyes off what’s reallly important.

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