Megyn Kelly: Trump ‘Deserves His Choice’ for SCOTUS, Democrats ‘Bitter’


On NBC’s Megyn Kelly TODAY, host Megyn Kelly discussed the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and argued that the people have already spoken on whether Donald Trump should be choosing the court’s Justices. Kavanaugh should be seated, she said, just as would be true if a Democrat were in office.

“Scalia was confirmed by a vote of 98 to nothing, two people were missing that day,” she said, making the case that it is the prerogative of the President to choose who should take the seat, and that this has long been recognized. She also offered the example that Sonia Sotamayor was confirmed with high votes in her favor.

“The Democrats lost this fight on November 8, 2016,” said Kelly, an attorney herself. “The only question now is whether Brett Kavanaugh is qualified to take this office, or is so radical that no reasonable person would put him on the Supreme Court.”

“Trump deserves his choice, just like Obama deserved his choices,” she continued. “Sotomayor belongs on that bench. So does Kagan. So does Kavanaugh.”

When asked about Merrick Garland, a suggestion that the rule was not previously applied, Kelly chalked it up to political maneuvering. Which of course it was. NBC’s Craig Melvin then asked if it doesn’t make sense, then, that liberals were still “carrying around” resentment over that.

“They’re bitter,” said Kelly. “They should have taken out their bitterness on November 8th, 2016.”

Kelly’s argument is one that has been made many thousands of times in and about Congress, including during the Merrick Garland fight. It is the argument that the job of Congress isn’t too choose someone based on their partisan views, nor even on expectation of how that nominee may decide a future, hypothetical case, but instead strictly to determine if the President has nominated someone who is qualified for the job, and reasonably not insane.

The remainder of the segment is spent in a discussion of the role of the court and the Justices who sit upon it, and is also worth watching.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of NBC.

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