Michelle Malkin Suggests Twitter Ban ‘Deranged’ Chelsea Manning For Anti-Cop Post: ‘Hello, Jack?!’


On Wednesday morning’s airing of Fox & Friends, conservative media pundit Michelle Malkin had some vicious words for “absolutely deranged” Chelsea Manning after the former whistleblower posted an anti-cop post on Twitter to celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

After host Brian Kilmeade laid out what he believes to be Manning’s past offenses — “changed genders,” leaked America’s “biggest secrets,” “got 35 years in prison,” and embarrassed the country — he asked for Malkin’s reaction to the “fuck the police” tweet.

“This person is a disgrace to the uniform that this person once wore,” replied Malkin, who has not served in the military. “Over the last couple of weeks we had everybody on the left, in the media, and in politics pretending to be some sort of licensed psychologist. Well, I will tell you as Dr. Malkin, that this person is absolutely deranged.”

Malkin opted to not call Manning — a transgender woman — by the pronoun “she” and only referred to her as “this person,” which followed Kilmeade’s lead as the always astute host switched between calling the ex-soldier “he” and “her.”

Malkin went on to suggest Twitter should ban Manning for her anti-cop tweets.

“Why is Twitter and the Twitter safety council allowing this kind of tweet to go on when people on the right have been banned for so much less?” she said.

“Helloooooo Jack!?” Malkin scoffed, referring to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Fox & Friend hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy replied in a chorus of agreement with Malkin, with Doocy telling the pundit she has “a wonderful, balanced view.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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