Mika Brzezinski Goes OFF on Trump’s ‘Pathetic’ Lies About Joe Biden: ‘Talk About Ditzy!’


Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski went on an epic rant over President Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden over the coronavirus, and called back to a recent sexist Trump attack on herself by exclaiming “Talk about ditzy!”

On Friday morning’s edition of Morning Joe, Brzezinski cut short a clip of Trump at one of his briefings-MAGA rallies, saying “I just cut it short because we don’t need to hear him lying.”

“He says Joe Biden has been wrong every step of the way,” Brzezinski said, then launched into a tirade about the accurate warnings that Biden gave early in the pandemic, and the ways in which Trump was wrong about the virus.

Then, noting the current U.S. death toll of almost 170,000 Americans, Brzezinski addressed Trump direct-to-camera, saying “Right now, this is on you. Many of those deaths, Mr. President, are on you and you are terrible response to this virus. Obvious terrible response.”

“You can’t even show leadership on masks. And now you’re politicizing your lies against Joe Biden, who’s saying everyone should wear masks because it could reduce the numbers of transmissions of the coronavirus,” she said, and slammed “stupid ideas” like Trump’s promotion of  bleach as a possible treatment and pushing of the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine.

“It’s idiotic. And it’s killing people,” Brzezinski said. “And you get up there and talk about Joe Biden being wrong? There’s nobody who has been more wrong about this than President Donald Trump.”

She went on to rip Trump for his attacks on the postal service, and said of his briefings that they should be broadcast, but that “every network should bump out and fact check when he’s just blatantly lying, but it is so obvious that if some network news directors don’t want to bump out, his lies hang out there. It’s painful to watch. Because so many people are dying and those people who have lost loved ones, they know you’re lying. They know now.”

“They should have saved themselves. Maybe they should have listened to the scientists and not their president,” Brzezinski said, and concluded by saying “But it shouldn’t be this way. And it doesn’t have to be this way, and it didn’t have to be this way, but it was because of President Donald Trump. The one and only.”

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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