Morning Joe Derails After Mika Brzezinski Suggests Raid on Trump’s Doctor Was to Cover Up an STD


A Morning Joe segment derailed on Wednesday after co-host Mika Brzezinski suggested that the alleged raid on Donald Trump’s doctor was intended to cover up evidence of a sexually transmitted disease.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle appeared on Morning Joe to discuss her report that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly repeatedly called Trump an “idiot” in private conversations, and made an analogy about those who choose to work for the president:

“It’s truly like every time I’ve ever dated an awful jerk out there and then thought, you know what? I’m going to be the girl to change him,” Ruhle said. “And every person that touches President Trump thinks that: I’m going to be the girl that turns this guy around.”

“And nobody can, because this is who he is.”

The MSNBC host added, “we know from Kellyanne Conway, unless you show true worship of the grand master wizard that is the president, then you’re outskies with him.”

“I like this analogy from Stephanie,” MSNBC’s Elise Jordan said. “You leave [the White House] with the political equivalent of an STD, to talk about something that Donald Trump worries about constantly.”

“It’s something that you just don’t get rid of easily,” Jordan added.

Joe Scarborough then made a reference to the president’s famous quip that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases in the 1990s was his “personal Vietnam.”

“Donald Trump would even say that this would be like one of his staffers’ personal Vietnams,” Scarborough joked.

“Wait a minute!” Mika Brzezinski exclaimed. “Maybe that’s why they raided his doctor’s office?”

Enjoy the painful silence that followed that comment, as well as Scarborough’s tactful segue, above via MSNBC.

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