Morning Joe Does Goes In-Depth Comparing ‘Humiliated’ Bachelor Loser to Gary Cohn


New York Post columnist John Podhoretz was itching to give an in-depth analysis of the big finale of the Bachelor on Morning Joe, and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough gave him the opportunity on Wednesday.

Podhoretz explained the dramatic ending of the show, in which the Bachelor apparently chose one contestant, proposing to her, before changing his mind — allowing for an excruciating, unedited break-up episode featuring the Bachelor rescinding his proposal to a teary-eyed Becca.

“And for 20 minutes, America watched Becca, the brunette, cry. Cry and cry and feel humiliated, and say ‘go away’ and then he wouldn’t go away,” Podhoretz said.

“The whole point is: it was 15 minutes of primetime of the humiliation of a person who was sandbagged by the show, humiliated, crushed, embarrassed, and ABC just let this run.”

“There was something different about this,” he added. “They sandbagged her in order to have us watch her degraded on television.”

Scarborough then drew a comparison to the current drama going down at the White House.

“That’s an awful lot like the way the president treated Gary Cohn,” he segued, in light of the former Goldman Sachs head’s resignation as Trump’s chief economic adviser on Tuesday.

“Trump would always listen to Cohn, but [Peter] Navarro was always out there just hovering behind,” Scarborough joked, referring to Cohn’s arch-trade-nemesis in the White House.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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