Morning Joe Fawns Over ‘Impressive’ Marianne Williamson: ‘Taps Into the Gut Feeling’ of 2020


Morning Joe was mystified by self-help author Marianne Williamson on Wednesday as they reviewed her performance at last night’s 2020 Democratic primary debate.

While the panel thought the Tuesday debate went well for a number of candidates, they spent a good amount of time talking about how Williamson made a splash by eschewing policy debates in order to comment on “dark psychic forces” and America’s internal decay.

“I’m surprised I’m going to say this, but actually she gave some of the best political advice any Democrats could give,” Joe Scarborough said. “They want somebody that rises above Brookings Institute versus Heritage Foundation policy battles to talk about the bigger battle against racism, against bigotry, against all the things that Donald Trump has done to push this country to the edge.”

Willie Geist also agreed that Williamson “had some great moments” on the stage, taking note of how she was the most googled candidate after the debate.

“She’s not gonna dive deep into policy, that’s not her thing,” Geist explained. “She taps into the gut feeling about this election. There is the combination of the head and the gut, and she’s talking about the gut.”

Mika Brzezinski admitted Williamson was “impressive” as well, and while she and Scarborough were skeptical of Williamson making it to the end, Scarborough concluded that it might not be such a bad thing for Democrats to have someone to “just speak more generally about the challenges that are gripping the country.”

“Certainly I think she got the tone right when it came to what the battle lines really are,” Scarborough said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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