Morning Joe Questions Stormy Daniels Interview: ‘The Fact is Stormy Daniels is Not Credible’


Morning Joe reacted to Stormy Daniels’s bombshell 60 Minutes interview on Monday, calling into question a number of her claims — and criticizing her attorney Michael Avenatti for overhyping the big event.

“As I young lawyer I remember being told: never overpromise,” Joe Scarborough said. “Underpromise, overdeliver, and the jury will look promisingly on you.”

“It seems to me that we have an attorney that’s done just the opposite. He overpromised, he sent out tweets with pictures of a CD-ROM suggesting some big explosion. He told us two weeks ago that she was threatened with assault and we would find out more on 60 Minutes.”

“When in fact we found out nothing new on 60 Minutes,” Scarborough continued. “Doesn’t it just leave a big question mark over your head?”

“We still don’t really know what Stormy Daniels wants, and why she wants it, other than a big payday.”

Morning Joe guest Jonathan Turley said that “Anderson Cooper didn’t pursue those questions.”

Scarborough then mocked Daniels’s story of a man threatening her in a parking lot, asking why she hasn’t tried to find out who the person was.

Daniels told Anderson Cooper that in 2011, after speaking to a magazine about her affair with Trump, a man approached her in a parking lot to threaten her and her infant daughter.

“What did he look like?” Scarborough said. “That’s not that hard to follow up on. You wonder if they had some deal before the interview.”

“The fact is Stormy Daniels is not credible,” Turley said. “She’s signed false statements. That doesn’t mean that what she’s saying is not true.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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