MSNBC Guest: Rachel Dolezal Could Identify as Martian if She Wants


During a segment of MSNBC’s NewsNation With Tamron Hall discussing former Spokane NAACP head Rachel Dolezal, radio host Earl Ofair Hutchinson said the Caucasian woman could identify as black, from the moon, or a Martian if that’s what she wanted to be.

Host Tamron Hall began by reading a tweet directed at her from a self-described Huffington Post blogger: “If Rachel Dolezal is TransRacial then she didn’t lie about her race @tamronhall. It’d be respectful to use the proper pronouns to discuss.”

Hall then asked her guest about “the proper way” to refer to Dolezal. “The only thing, Tamron, I could come up with that she actually said from her own lips, ‘I consider myself black,’” he responded. “Okay, if you consider yourself from the moon or a Martian, I mean, if that’s who you want to be, that’s who you want to be.”

“She said, ‘I consider myself black,’” Hutchinson said later in the segment. “Okay, if that’s the starting point, that’s what you consider yourself, despite what genetics and biology says different, then from there, if you want to talk about the essence of blackness as you understand it and you interpret it, that’s your right.”

Hall did note that Dolezal tweeted out a picture calling her curly hair “natural,” when she was born with straight hair. “I know we don’t like to say the word lie, because it’s not politically correct,” she said. “But if that’s not your natural hair and you’re saying you’re keeping it natural, what are you saying?“

Like her MSNBC colleague Melisa Harris-Perry, Hall made a comparison to Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner. “Are we now at a transracial point? …Are we at a transracial point now where someone like a Rachel is now in the forefront of something we’ve never seen before?”

“We are going to discuss it and we should discuss it,” Hutchinson said. “…Now we have a new dynamic: biracial and transracial. Rachel fits into that dialogue. And guess what, we’re going to keep having that dialogue, and quite frankly Tamron, I think it’s a good dialogue.”

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