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Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal: ‘I Don’t Identify as African American, I Identify as Black.’

Rachel Dolezal Says She is Jobless and On the Verge of Being Homeless

Rachel Dolezal on Today: ‘Race Didn’t Create Racism, but Racism Created Race’ What?

Rachel Dolezal Admits She’s White While Saying Everyone Is From Africa

#BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Accused of Actually Being White

Rachel Dolezal to Vanity Fair: I’m Not African-American, but ‘I Would Say I’m Black’

New Spokane NAACP Leader Speaks Out on Moving Past Rachel Dolezal

This South Texas Woman Thought She Was Black For 70 Years

Must-See Late Night Clip: Maya Rudolph Debuts Her Rachel Dolezal Impression

Dr. Drew ‘Frustrated’ with Dolezal Interviewers: Don’t Give ‘Wiggle Room’

Dolezal Violated Ethics Rules; Mayor Calls on Her to Step Down from City Commission

Listen to the Song Rachel Dolezal’s Ex-Fiancé Wrote in Tribute to Her ‘Vajayjay’

Rachel Dolezal: The Caitlyn Jenner Story ‘Resonated’ with Me

Conservative Laments to Fox: I’m Actually Black, Why Won’t NAACP Support Me?

Twitter Is Furious at Melissa Harris-Perry for Defending Rachel Dolezal

Dolezal Wanted to Boycott Exodus for Casting White Actors as Africans

Rachel Dolezal: ‘I Definitely Am Not White,’ But I Do Have White ‘Privilege’

Rachel Dolezal’s Adopted Brother: ‘I Never Viewed Her as Black’

Rush Limbaugh Mocks Rachel Dolezal: ‘I Identify as Skinny’

Larry Wilmore to Rachel Dolezal: ‘Sorry, Lady, You Are White!’

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