MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Speculates Russians Could Be Behind Mail Bombs


On Thursday, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd suggested that some sort of Russian operation could be behind the package bombs that were sent to CNN, the Obamas, the Clintons and others.

Todd’s comments came during a panel discussion on MSNBC about how the mail bombs are a clear reflection of the divisive atmosphere that we are living in today.

“I have this fear it could be some Russian operation, too, designed to do what’s happening now,” Todd said Thursday. “In some ways, we shouldn’t rule out anything. It is dividing us.”

As of Thursday night, no suspects have been identified in the mail bomb operation. However, investigators appear confident that forensic evidence can yield clues, especially given the fact none of the bombs actually went off.

“They are leaving evidence, they’re leaving telltale signs,” expert Todd Burke told NBC in a separate report, noting the person or persons behind the bomb will eventually get caught. “There’s always a signature somewhere. Bombs and things like that, there are signatures, as much as they may try to avoid it. In fact, sometimes by trying to avoid it, they’re leaving more signatures.”

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