MSNBC’s Joy Reid Raises Concern That Biden Could Be ‘Too Conciliatory’ and Then ‘A Smart Version of Trump’ Will Win in 2024

Joe Biden’s Cabinet announcements have been met with mostly praise from many Democrats this week, while reports of some others he’s considering have been met with far less enthusiasm.

For one example, reporting that Rahm Emanuel could serve in the Cabinet or another key role was immediately called out by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

And there’s already Democratic pushback to Biden reportedly considering former acting CIA director Mike Morell to run the agency.

Biden himself said in a new interview that “this is not a third Obama term” when asked by Lester Holt about “familiar faces” he’s surrounding himself with.

On MSNBC’s The ReidOut Tuesday, Joy Reid raised the concern that Biden could “be too conciliatory” regarding who he brings into his administration.

Melody Barnes, who served as Director of the Domestic Policy Council during Barack Obama’s first term, said she believes the President-elect will ” make the decision that he thinks is the best set of decisions for the country.”

“I believe that he will create a coalition and that kind of diversity that I was just speaking of,” she continued, “that not everyone is going to like everyone that’s a part of his Cabinet or part of the senior White House staff. But ultimately, I think the norms, I think his values and his principles that he talked about on the campaign trail are going to be what drive him. We can see that already in some of the selections that he made.”

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson was a little more critical:

“This is the greatest concern I had about Joe Biden even though I always thought he was a candidate most likely to win amongst all the Democrats. He’s too conciliatory. This is not about working together. I don’t want Rahm Emanuel anywhere near a presidential administration. This is a guy who was more concerned about Jussie Smollett than he was about Laquan McDonald. I don’t want John Kasich, who was in favor of suppressing as many votes as he could, to be anywhere near this administration. Joe Biden needs to recognize that he has four years to make the case that obnoxious, aggressive, white nationalist Trumpism isn’t effective, that he can rally the country around strong difficult principles again. That means picking people who may sometimes buck the trend.”

He said it’s great to prioritize diversity in who joins the Cabinet, but “if all that diversity includes people who are all in favor of drone strikes and bombing Yemen, that’s not a good thing.”

Reid raised another concern about what could happen if Biden’s administration doesn’t show enough change:

“Biden can come in and try to be FDR and say ‘I’m going to make big change because big change is required in this moment.’ He could be LBJ and said, ‘Dammit, I know I’m a Southerner but this can’t last. We have to make dramatic change.’ Or he can try to come in and be a conciliator and just try to hold the line, be more of a Carter and say, ‘I just want everyone to get along. And let’s try to do smaller things that are nice but don’t really change anything.’ That feels to me — I think I’m with Jason on this — I feel like it sets up 2024 to be a referendum on, ‘Nothing happened. Nothing changed in my life. Therefore give me another rule breaker.’ And then we could get somebody — a smart version of Trump. And that’s what scares me most.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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