comScore MSNBC’s Joy Reid Roundly Criticized for ‘Inexcusable’ Comments About Still-Hospitalized Scalise

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Roundly Criticized for ‘Inexcusable’ Comments About Still-Hospitalized Scalise

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has been getting a ton of criticism for some commentary she offered this past weekend on still-hospitalized Congressman Steve Scalise.

Scalise was shot at the GOP congressional baseball game last week by a man who hated Republicans and asked if the people playing were Republicans or Democrats before opening fire.

On Saturday’s AM Joy, Reid spoke to Rev. Dr. William Barber and made the following observation:

“It’s a delicate thing, because, you know, obviously, everybody is wishing the congressman well and hoping that he recovers, but Steve Scalise has a history that we’ve all been forced to sort of ignore on race. He did come to leadership after some controversy over attending a white nationalist event, which he says he didn’t know what it was. He also co-sponsored a bill to amend the Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. He voted for the House health care bill, which, as you said, would gut health care for millions of people, including for three million children, and he co-sponsored a bill to repeal the ban on semi-automatic weapons. Because he is in jeopardy and everybody is pulling for him, are we required in a moral sense to put that aside at the moment?”

Barber said that everyone should be praying for Scalise, but also expressed his hope that when he fully recovers, he has a change of heart on some policy issues.

In addition to the question she posed above, Reid also tweeted this out:

(George Takei was slammed for a similar tweet this weekend.)

Reid got roundly criticized on Twitter for both of those statements about Scalise––who is still in the hospital:

On Fox News earlier today, Howard Kurtz called out Reid for her “appalling” commentary.

You can watch both videos above, via MSNBC and Fox News.

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