MSNBC’s Joy Reid: What If Trump Locked Himself in White House and Refused Arrest?


MSNBC’s Joy Reid fantasized about a scenario in which President Donald Trump defies a subpoena to be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and then locks himself inside the White House to avoid arrest by federal marshals.

“Let’s say that Donald Trump decides he doesn’t want to give an interview with Mueller, but Mueller says ‘Oh, but you will.’ And he’s subpoenaed to interview [with] Robert Mueller. And Donald Trump simply says, ‘I don’t recognize that subpoena,'” Reid mused yesterday.

“Who would force him to comply with the subpoena ordering him to do an interview with Robert Mueller?”

“It would be a federal district court judge,” said former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman.

“How would they enforce it?” Reid asked.

“Normally, a person who refuses to testify before a grand jury winds up being incarcerated for the time period of the grand jury. Which can be up to 18 months,” Akerman said. “So, one way to enforce it is to have Donald Trump taken by the federal marshals and put into federal prison until he testifies.”

But Reid wasn’t satisfied, and pushed her daydream to its logical conclusion:

“What if he refuses to open the White House door? What if he fires any Secret Service agent who would allow the federal marshals in? What if Donald Trump simply decides, ‘I don’t have to follow the law. I refuse to be held under the law. No marshal can get into this White House and any Secret Service agent that defies me is fired.'”

“Well, at some point he is going to have to come out of the White House,” Akerman pointed out. “And the U.S. Marshals will be directed to take him into custody, bring him before a federal district court judge.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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