Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes Mock ‘Real Family Fight Vibes’ Between Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham


MSNBC primetime hosts Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow ran through all the feels — cringing, laughing, and offering sympathy — in reaction to the surprisingly charged and extremely awkward show handoff between rival Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham the previous night.

On Tuesday, Hannity had begun the transition to Ingraham’s show by lodging a friendly complaint that she had cut away too quickly from President Donald Trump’s rally on Monday night. Ingraham, however, seemed ambushed by the comment and fired back, zinging her colleague’s well-documented loyalty to Trump, saying: “Is that the White House speaking, or is that you?”  The mood only got tenser as the pair bantered back and forth.

Hayes also noticed the strained, we’re-so-totally-not-fighting vibe between the Fox News hosts and called it out in his “Thing 2” segment earlier on his show. (See video below.)

“Sometimes it feels like there’s a competition over at Trump TV to see who can be the most shameless toady for the White House,” Hayes said. “Now I’m a little worried that competition may be straining the relationships between the good friends hosting the shows over there. Last night there was a bit of an incident and you can tell they’re good TV friends because they keep smiling as they saw awful stuff to each other.”

When it came time for Hayes’ hand-off to Maddow, the two couldn’t help but revisit the moment.

“Chris, I promise in all the time you and I share adjacent shows on this TV network we will never have a crossover like the one you just played from Fox,” Maddow said, straight-faced, causing Hayes to break down laughing: “Oh my god! My, my god. My god. My god!”

“I could talk about this for an hour, not 30 seconds or 40 seconds,” Hayes added.

“But you nailed the thing that was scariest about it, which was the distance between the facial expressions and the conversation. I mean, that was like hide under a table this is a scary family fight.”

“That’s exactly what it was! It had real family fight vibes to it,” Hayes agreed, cracking up. “I hope everyone is making up and making amends.”

“Yes. I want the best for everybody, if only because I feel afraid by proxy,” Maddow said. “Eek.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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