Mueller Lawyer: Trump Wasn’t Concerned With Russians Monitoring His Call Because They’re ‘On the Same Team’

Special Counsel Robert Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann appeared on MSNBC to speculate on why President Donald Trump would make an unsecured phone call to Gordon Sondland in Ukraine.

“There’s an interesting aspect to that call, leave out the irony that this president ran against Hillary Clinton for using an insecure email server,” Weissmann told Nicolle Wallace, prompting laughs. “here you have a call on a cellphone, lots of discussions about sending emails and texts, but this is one where you’ve heard from everyone who is in Ukraine who knows–you worry about everything being tapped.”

Weissmann then went on to ask “you know that call is going to be monitored by the Russians … Do you care about the Russians having it?”

“Why weren’t the president and Ambassador Sondland worried about the fact that the Russians would undoubtedly in Ukraine be able to hear this conversation?” he asked.

Wallace asked what was a scenario that would answer that question.

“If your thinking is ‘I don’t care because the Russians will be siding with me in the 2020 election,’ then you’re all on the same team,” he answered.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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