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Must-See TV: Whoopi Goldberg’s Anti-BP Rant (VIDEO)

Say what you will about Whoopi Goldberg, but sometimes she just hits the nail on the head. This morning, on The View, the ladies were discussing the Gulf oil spill and Whoopi silenced the room when she broke into a fiery rant about BP’s incompetence. It was nothing we haven’t heard before, however, something about her passion and the way she pointed out one of the most disturbing parts of the whole situation (why wasn’t BP prepared for this?) that made tirade, at the very least, great television.

I can’t say what my favorite moment is here. It could be the part where she comes thiiiiis close to dropping the F-bomb. It could be the part at the end where she jokes that all her anger boils down to BP “messing with her shrimp.” Whatever it is, it works and it’s a safe bet that her frustration was shared by a very large portion of the viewing audience.

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