NBC’s Ken Dilanian Reports That Members of Mueller’s Team Think Evidence of Collusion is ‘Very Compelling’

NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian said Thursday that members of Robert Mueller‘s team are frustrated with the way the attorney general characterized their findings, even with regard to the evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

NBC confirmed reporting from the New York Times and Washington Post that special counsel investigators were taking issue with Barr’s characterization of their findings on obstruction, but their reporting had more details about those frustrations.

“I think we’ve taken it a little further,” Dilanian said of his reporting, during an appearance on MSNBC. “There are members of Mueller’s team who are frustrated that William Barr stepped in and cleared the president on obstruction when Robert Mueller didn’t do that.”

“The intent was to allow Congress and the public to make their own decision about the evidence,” Dilanian said.

Dilanian also revealed new reporting that some on the special counsel’s team are frustrated by how evidence of collusion was represented.

“We’re hearing from a separate U.S. official that some members of the Mueller team say that the evidence on collusion, while not establishing a criminal conspiracy, is actually very compelling.

“Some of it may be classified, but to the extent we get to see it, Mueller’s report talks about those contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, and raises the issue as to whether the Trump campaign was manipulated by a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation,” Dilanian added. “We need to see the report. The Barr summary, by many accounts, did not quite do it justice.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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