New Body Cam Footage Shows Capitol Mob Violently Assaulting Cops: ‘F*** You! I’ll F***ing Kill You!’


Warning: the video embedded above is graphic and may be disturbing for some viewers. 

CNN’s Ana Cabrera aired new video footage on Saturday afternoon from police body cams during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol January 6, showing the rioters violently assaulting Capitol Police.

The video clips were released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and also showed police being unable to get through the surging crowd to assist injured people. At least one woman who was trampled during this incident died later of her injuries. On the video, a man can be heard yelling for help, “Save her! She’s gonna die! She’s dead! Please! She’s dead! I need somebody!”

Other parts of the video show Capitol Police officers attempting unsuccessfully to stop the rioters from storming the Capitol. Rioters are seen attempting to strike police officers with flag poles, hockey sticks, and other objects, as well as striking with their hands and feet. One man screamed at the officers, “F*** you! I’ll f***ing kill you!”

“We have seen dozens and dozens of video of the calamitous day, many of which now being introduced as evidence against rioters, but this one stands out for the sheer up close, in your face brutality and violence of a supposed political march gone mad,” CNN reporter Tom Foreman told Cabrera.

“Really is chilling to watch those images,” Cabrera replied.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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