New Video Emerges Reportedly Showing Khashoggi’s Butchered Remains Being Removed from Saudi Consulate


A new video has emerged reportedly showing murdered Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi‘s butchered remains being removed from the Saudi consulate.

CNN aired the video on Wednesday night.

According to CNN’s International Diplomatic Editor Nic Robertson,  the video — which was first released by the Turkish newspaper Sabah — it has been 100 days since Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate and met a grisly end and still much is yet to be determined about his death.

Here’s a portion of Robertson’s report:

The most recent clue in the search, this video made public last week by pro-government Turkish newspaper Sabah appears to show heavy bags carried into the building. On the afternoon of October 2nd, less than two hours after Khashoggi entered the consulate, several vehicles left, arriving minutes later at the consul general’s residence. That’s where the latest video comes into play. Five heavy wheeled cases are rushed inside the consul general’s house, quickly followed by a man carrying two awkward, large plastic bin bags. According to the Sabah journalists, their Turkish sources believe Khashoggi’s dismembered body was inside those cases and bags, something CNN cannot independently confirm.

Previous audio also recorded the tortured last moments of Khashoggi’s life shortly after he entered the consulate.

Saudi Arabia has admitted their operatives killed Khashoggi but have been reluctant to reveal what became of his remains.

Watch above, via CNN

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