Nicolle Wallace: ‘Even the Wackiest Part’ of Trump’s Base ‘Thinks He’s a Giant Loser’ on Shutdown


MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace told Seth Meyers that she’s been getting calls from loyal Trump fans who admit that in the shutdown fight with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Trump is “a giant loser.”

On Tuesday night’s edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host asked Wallace for her assessment of Trump’s decision to end the shutdown without securing funding for his border wall.

“The shutdown, it seems like everyone is in agreement, pretty much, there may be some far right holdouts that Trump won this game,” Meyers said, “But everybody seems to agree that Nancy Pelosi played this perfectly. What do you think is the fallout from this for the president?”

“Well, the fallout is those far right holdouts are calling us, you know, from blocked numbers members saying, ‘Yeah, he lost,'” Wallace said. “I mean, the holdout is even the wackiest part of his base thinks he’s a giant loser for this whole caper.”

As the audience laughed, Wallace added “And it’s not because they disagree about the wall. They just think that strategically, he failed. They think that he was owned publicly and privately by Nancy Pelosi.”

“She seemed at every level to know exactly what to do,” Meters said, and asked “Was the taking away state of the union — was taking away something that ceremonial from the president a stroke of genius from Nancy?”

“It’s a mistake to project onto him more sophistication than exists,” Wallace replied, to more laughter, but conceded that taking away the SOTU “really did sort of cut all of his leverage.”

On the bright side, Trump’s shutdown did cost the U.S. economy $11 billion, or about double the money he didn’t get for the wall.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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