New York Times Reporter Stuns MSNBC Panel by Arguing Trump Has ‘Drained the Swamp’


A New York Times reporter shocked a live MSNBC panel today by arguing President Donald Trump has, in fact, ‘Drained the Swamp’ in Washington, D.C. by bringing in new government officials to replace the old “establishment.”

The comment was in response to MSNBC host Katy Tur‘s argument that Trump won on a promise he did not deliver, which is that he would “drain the swamp.”

“Part of the reason he won was that he was gonna drain the swamp, he was gonna get new people involved — how come he’s not… what does it mean for 2020?” she asked.

You may have expected the TimesBret Stephens to be the one snapping back with an explanation, since he has shown sympathy to the president in the past and is often branded a “neoconservative” because of his views on foreign policy. But today’s elephant-in-the-room was a different Times reporter.

“Drain the swamp does not mean the same thing to voters as it did in the conventional usage of lobbyists,” said Times political reporter Nick Confessore.

“When he said ‘drain the swamp’… I think his voters thought of Washington as a place kinda run by a weird conflagration of the GOP establishment and the Clinton Foundation, handing out ‘government benefits to people who are not like me,'” Confessore explained. “That’s their idea of the ‘swamp.’ And he said, ‘I’m gonna break up that swamp.’ And in a sense he did…. I’m just saying.”

The panel laughed, as Tur responded skeptically: “Maybe.”

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