NYT‘s Haberman Says Trump’s Media Attacks Have Lost Their Bite: ‘The Same Trick Over and Over Again’


New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman said that President Donald Trump’s constant complaints about the media no longer have the sting that they used to.

Haberman joined CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday to talk about how the media continues to cover the coronavirus pandemic. This comes after the Times defended Haberman, who has repeatedly gotten scoops on Trump, after the president called her a “third rate reporter.”

As Stelter asked if there was a connection between Trump’s attacks on the media and the troubling stories from hospitals bogged down by the coronavirus, Haberman noted that there’s “always a connection” between bad news and what Trump calls “fake news.”

“I think the president is doing very little other than watching media coverage right now,” Haberman continued. “He doesn’t have the rallies for the feedback. He’s just watching television and having meetings about this issue, and I think he’s more sensitive to negative coverage than he normally is…so what he’s doing is lashing out.”

After Haberman argued that media outlets must not sugarcoat the coronavirus’ ongoing seriousness, Stelter asked her how she copes with it these days whenever Trump attacks her. Haberman refuted Trump’s tweet as “a character attack” that lacked any real substance, but she continued to say that Trump’s jabs “generally don’t prompt the same reaction that they used to.”

“I think it’s become part of the noise. I think that, you know, he tends to return to the same trick over and over again, and I think it sort of loses its spark after a while. I understand that he’s frustrated. I understand he’s having a hard time, but that has nothing to do with what we’re saying is true or false. This is a president who said all kinds of things that are not true about this crisis, continues to say them, including about the availability and frequency of testing, vis-a-vis the population in the U.S. I think he needs to be more concerned with how his own government is performing as opposed to how the media is performing.”

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