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Oprah Asks Meghan Markle About Accusations She ‘Calculated’ Exit From the Royal Family to ‘Build Your Brand’

Meghan Markle rejected claims she and Prince Harry left the royal family as part of a deliberate effort to build her brand in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired on CBS Sunday night.

“One of the stories that continues to live, either through rumors or social media, out in the world, is that you, Meghan, are the one who manipulated, calculated, and are responsible for this ‘Megxit,'” Winfrey said. “There are even stories that you knew all along that this was going to happen. You went through the whole process, and it was all intentional to build your brand.”

“Can you imagine how little sense that makes?” Markle replied. “I left my career, my life. I left everything because I love him, right? And our plan was to do this forever.”

“I wrote letters to his family when I got there, saying, ‘I am dedicated to this. I’m here for you. Use me as you’d like,'” she added. Markle said she received “no guidance” at all from the royal family when she married Prince Harry, even on topics like the national anthem and other matters of royal protocol.

The pair said they were cut off from the royal family after leaving, with financial support and the security that the prince had had his entire life suddenly revoked. Markle said she begged Buckingham Palace to continue supplying Prince Harry with security, as their family had faced racist death threats, but the request was denied.

Watch above, via CBS.

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