Outnumbered Claims ‘Mainstream Media Has Been Virtually Silent’ on Uranium One Story


Fox News’s Outnumbered — which featured Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade as today’s #OneLuckyGuy — took time during today’s episode to blast the “Mainstream Media” for ignoring the Uranium One story.

Somehow, the show’s hosts still appear oblivious to the fact that they are on the most watched cable news channel. Maybe if they had realized their place in their mainstream media, their initial recap of the amount of coverage that was compiled might have been a bit more…balanced.

Host Harris Faulkner elaborated on her claim that the “mainstream” is ignoring this bombshell:

Meanwhile, the mainstream media — some of them — are virtually silent after last week’s initial report from the Hill, that the FBI had uncovered a Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved the deal. A Media Research Center study found CNN gave the story less than 4 minutes of airtime during the first week of that report, and CBS gave the story just more than a minute of coverage. ABC and NBC did not cover it at all, at least through the start of this week.

What was not mentioned of course is the overwhelming amount of time that Fox News and conservative media (in all forms) has spent covering the Uranium One deal. Ultimately, the lack of coverage across the other networks — which may, as Mediaite’s Joe DePaolo has argued, be justified — was used as a reason to spend over six minutes analyzing the deal and why it wasn’t covered by the “other” networks.

…so fair enough???

Watch above, via Fox News.

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