Outnumbered Pans Trump Over ‘Facelift’ Tweets: ‘Do Not Stoop to That Level’


Fox’s Outnumbered discussed President Trump‘s slams against Mika Brzezinski today, and their reaction to his bloody “facelift” tweets was overwhelmingly negative.

Mike Huckabee was today’s #OneLuckyGuy, and he was asked to respond to not only Trump’s tweets, but also to the defense that his daughter Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave for the president earlier on Fox. Huckabee mostly echoed the deputy press secretary by talking about Trump will return fire on anyone who criticizes him, and Morning Joe should have been expecting that.

Meghan McCain took a more negative view of Trump’s tweets, stating they were “beneath the dignity of the White House” and will make it that much harder for the GOP to brush off misogynistic stereotypes.

“I don’t want just be seen as a party that is a respectful towards women,” McCain said. “Bringing it up in a way that tries to diminish her and humiliate her publicly, it makes everybody across the world, across the country look bad.”

Trish Regan acknowledged the biting Trump criticism that has come from Morning Joe, though she agreed with the majority of critics who say that the slams against Brzezinski were beneath the dignity of the presidency.

“You’re president of the United States. You signed up for that. You have to be able to take the hits and do so and a dignified fashion. For him to come out and say that, as soon as I saw the word bleeding, I flinched. He took it too far. There are ways to get your message across where you do not stoop to that level and that was wrong.”

After that, Kennedy may or may not have invoked Trump’s old feud with Megyn Kelly by noting that he “already had enough problems talking about bleeding with blonde female news anchors.”

“He doesn’t need to continue this narrative and it’s a giant distraction,” said the former MTV VJ. “I love getting back at people on Twitter, it’s one of the finest things ever. But I’m not president of the United States. If you accept the presidency, sometimes people will say the meanest things about you.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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