Paris Dennard, Michael Nutter Clash During Insane CNN Panel: ‘Don’t ‘Brother Calm Down’ Me!’


Conservative political strategist Paris Dennard and former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter got feisty with each other this morning in the middle of a discussion on whether President Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

The two commentators appeared on CNN to talk about Trump’s latest Twitter attacks against the FBI and Christopher Steele‘s “pile of garbage” dossier for Fusion GPS. Dennard defended the president by arguing that there is no conclusive proof of collusion, and he also invoked the recent accusations of the FBI’s anti-Trump bias.

Pamela Brown asked Nutter for his thoughts about this, and he responded to Dennard by saying “other than his blood pressure being up this morning, that’s straight out of the usual talking points.”

Dennard bristled at that remark, and the two proceeded to trade blows.

“My blood pressure’s fine. Merry Christmas to you,” Dennard said. “Don’t talk about my health. My blood pressure’s fine.”

Nutter told Dennard to “calm down, brother,” though the conservative strategist was in no mood for that.

“Don’t ‘brother, calm down’ me,” he said. “First of all, don’t talk about somebody’s health. My blood pressure is not high. Finish your point if you have one.”

Nutter eventually made his point about the Russia special counsel by noting the indictments against four former Trump officials, the ongoing status of the investigation and the president’s “unfocused and undisciplined” behavior.

He also, combatively, countered Dennard’s “Merry Christmas” by saying “Happy holidays.” The war rages on!

Watch above, via CNN.

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