Pat Robertson: If Equality Act Passes, God Will Say ‘I’ve Had it With America…I’m Going to Get Rid of You’


Televangelist Pat Robertson said on Tuesday that if the Equality Act passes into law, God will destroy the United States in an act of divine punishment.

The Equality Act is a proposed amendment to the Civil Rights Act that would prohibit discrimination against people for their sexual orientation and gender identity. The Washington Examiner notes that President Donald Trump was in favor of this idea in the past, but the White House now opposes the Equality Bill because — an administration official told the Examiner — it “is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine parental and conscience rights.”

Robertson railed against the bill on The 700 Club Tuesday — urging people to tell Congress to reject the proposed measure, calling it “a devastating blow to religious freedom and to the sanctity of America.”

“If you want to bring the judgment of God on this nation, you just keep this stuff up,” Robertson said. “You know, I was reading in Leviticus where it said, ‘Because of these things, the land will vomit you out.’ I think God will say, ‘I’ve had it with America, if you do this kind of stuff, I’m going to get rid of you as a nation.’”

Robertson went on to suggest that the “curse of God” could arrive in the form of nuclear war, a “solar strike,” or “something on our [electric] grid, you could go down the line of devastation that could happen to our nation.”

“Don’t let these people get away with this nonsense,” Robertson said. “This is absolutely outrageous. It’s an attack on your religious freedom.”

Watch above, via CBN.

[H/T Right Wing Watch]

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