Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson on Alleged Khashoggi Murder: You ‘Don’t Blow Up an International Alliance Over One Person’

‘For Heaven’s Sake’: Pat Robertson Calls for Stricter Gun Laws, Increased Background Checks

Pat Robertson Says Trump Should Issue ‘Blanket Pardon’ for Indictments: ‘He’s Got to Shut This Down’

Chris Matthews Dings Pat Robertson Over His Las Vegas Massacre Remarks: ‘That Guy Should Retire’

Pat Robertson Blames Shooting on People Who ‘Disrespect’ Trump, National Anthem

Pat Robertson Appalled by MSNBC Success: ‘Rachel Maddow of All People is Number One!’

Pat Robertson Weighs in On Eric Bolling — And It’s as Bad as You Think

Trump Puts Senate, McConnell on Notice: If GOP Fails on Health Care, ‘I Will Be Very Angry’

Trump Says Putin Would Be Happier With President Clinton in Pat Robertson Chat

Trump’s First Non-Fox News Interview in Two Months Is With CBN’s Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson on Orlando: The Best Thing To Do is Let LGBT, Islamic Allies ‘Kill Themselves’

Pat Roberston Says Michelle Fields Rushed Defenseless Candidate, Could Have Been Armed

Televangelist Pat Robertson Would Get Behind a Trump-Kasich Ticket

Pat Robertson Opines That Women Want to Join Military Because They’re Into ‘Masochism’ and ‘Bondage’

Pat Robertson Discusses Vegetables in This Jimmy Kimmel Montage

Pat Roberston: Dow Plunge is God’s Punishment for Planned Parenthood

Pat Robertson Tells Grieving Mother Her Dead Baby Could’ve Grown Up to Be Hitler

Pat Robertson Raves About Rubio’s ‘Strong’ Anti-Gay Rights Rhetoric

Pat Robertson Knows Why ‘Heathen’ Robin Williams Committed Suicide

Pat Robertson Describes What Constitutes ‘Sensual’ Clothing

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