Pence on WH Barring Kaitlan Collins: We Support Free Press But Also ‘Maintaining the Decorum That Is Due’


During an interview with Vice President Mike Pence, Fox’s Maria Bartiromo brought up the White House barring a CNN reporter from an event last week.

To recap: the White House wasn’t happy with Collins after she shouted out questions to President Donald Trump during a pool spray. In response, she was kept from covering a Rose Garden event later in the day. The move against a reporter for asking questions was so egregious that the president of Fox News put out a statement standing with CNN.

Bartiromo asked Pence what happened there, and right off the bat the VP stated, “This administration believes in the freedom of the press, and President Trump and I and our entire administration have provided extraordinary access to the media. The President answers to many questions in so many different settings, and I can’t assure you that we’ll continue to do that.”

However, he added, “maintaining the decorum that is due at the White House I think is an issue that we’ll continue to work forward.”

The White House claimed that Collins showed disrespect to Trump, even though Collins is far from the first reporter to shout questions to the President.

Bartiromo pressed a bit on this issue, and Pence insisted once again that even though the relationship between the White House and the press corps is rocky, “I’m confident that they’ll be able to work out this relationship in a positive way.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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