Michael Avenatti Calls Out Giuliani After He Rips Cohen Tapes: ‘Buckle Up Buttercup’


Michael Avenatti sent an ominous warning to Rudy Giuliani Sunday, telling him to get ready for the fallout of President Donald Trump‘s “stupidity and disloyalty.”

It began when Giuliani, the president’s attorney, tweeted out his frustration over the reportedly impending release of additional tapes from Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer who recorded conversations with him. One of those concerns payments to quash a story on Trump’s alleged affair with a Playboy model. Now, Giuliani is arguing the recordings are undermining Cohen’s credibility.

“Rudy – you look desperate, bc you are,” Avenatti tweeted back to his concerns. “What are you & Mr. Trump so afraid of if he did nothing wrong as you claim? Releasing the info in no way damages Cohen’s credibility or usefulness as a witness. But it will severely damage Trump. And we are just getting started.”

Avenatti then followed up that response with a threat, telling Giuliani, “You better buckle up buttercup because Mr. Trump’s stupidity and disloyalty is about to catch up to him (and you).”

Avenatti is the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, the porn star with whom Trump arranged a pricey non-disclosure agreement regarding their previous relationship, paying her $130,000 for her silence.

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